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God and Destiny

The Supreme Knowledge

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Since God and Destiny is the first book that tells correctly and exactly what God is, reveals his true attributes and influence, and gives a complete proof of how the future is predestined, it has a wide-ranging audience.


general public. The curiosity about God and destiny is spread widely and uniformly among people irrespective of their age, gender, social status, lifestyle, and so on. This book is written with the aim of delivering the knowledge of God and showing the predestinedness of the future to everyone. Thus, general public is the primary audience of the book.

educational level. Part A of the appendices contains scientific proofs and discussions related to the predestinedness and prediction of the future, including a universal scientific proof of the predestinedness of the future. It has been added for the need and satisfaction of advanced readers; it requires graduate-level knowledge of physics for being understood entirely. Apart from this part of the appendices, the book is fully comprehensible to all irrespective of their educational level.

religion and country. Neither is the book biased by the concept of God of any particular religion, nor is it aimed at the people of any particular religion or region. God it reveals is God of everyone. It is meant for the people of all religions belonging to all nations of the world.

people who need mental peace. It shows how whatever happens in the universe, including whatever happens in anyone’s life, is predetermined by God and is inevitable or unchangeable. This knowledge has immense potential for providing deep mental peace to everyone—the book will be a boon especially to those who are overloaded with woes, worry, tension, and anger.


fields or disciplines. The topics covered in the book except the appendices belong to the following fields: broadly philosophy, religion, and physics; specifically metaphysics, determinism, philosophical theology, philosophy of religion, study of religion, physics, and philosophy of physics. The appendices deal in the following fields: broadly philosophy and physics; specifically determinism, philosophy of physics, wave nature of particle, and quantum mechanics.

academic. It will be useful and informative for academic audience, such as graduate and undergraduate students, research scholars, lecturers, readers, and professors, related to the above fields.

libraries. Because of the gravity of its aim, approach, and content, God and Destiny unavoidably deserves place in all general libraries as well as academic libraries that keep books in the aforementioned fields.

courses. For the concept of God it presents in chapter 9, the book can be recommended as a supplementary text in various undergraduate courses in different universities in the disciplines of philosophical theology, philosophy of religion, and study of religion.

In the modern world, more and more people need to be liberated from excessive tension, woe, and worry; want to know God without being deceived throughout their lives; need to become free from the blind faiths and shackles of religion; and desire an end of the conflict and violence that goes on in his name. As a unique book that addresses these needs, that lets people know their place and role in relation to God and the universe, and that delivers the supreme knowledge, God and Destiny is worth being read by everyone.


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