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God and Destiny

The Supreme Knowledge

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The writing of God and Destiny, making its book proposal, and preparing its manuscript for review were solitary activities. But after that, through the process of its review and publication, I have received the help of many people.

Sabhajit Mishra and R A Singh reviewed the whole manuscript carefully for fundamental or theoretical errors related to the fields of philosophy and physics respectively. The questions posed and corrections suggested by them have helped in elevating the level of the book. The comments and suggestions of Sudhanshuji Maharaj, Hariharkripalu Tripathi, and Sagarika Ghose were priceless. I am grateful to all the reviewers for their time and effort.

I am very thankful to Arun Shourie, who is one of my heroes, for his invaluable help and guidance in the publication of the book. I am also obliged to Rajendra Awasthi, Jaswant Singh, Ashwani Chanan, Tushar Gandhi, Late L M Singhvi, Reema Huja, William Dalrymple, David Godwin, Indrajeet Hazra, Bharati Kirchener, and Anushka Ravishanker for their guidance in different aspects and stages of publishing of God and Destiny.

I am thankful to Rupa & Co. for providing a vast and credible platform for this book to be published and read. From acquisition of the manuscript to publication of the book, people from Rupa have worked enthusiastically on the project. Those whose role I am aware of are R K Mehra, Kapish Mehra, Vijay Kumar Sharma, Sanjana Roy Choudhury, Trisha Bora, and Smita Singh. I am appreciative of team Rupa for their confidence in my work, for their contributions to the project, and for their patience with me. Thanks to Vivek Sahni Design for the appropriate cover design and to Raj John and Sanjay Gupta of Mindways Design for apt typesetting of the manuscript.

I have been working on God and Destiny full time since June 1998. Throughout this time my parents have supported me fully and have given me all possible help. Without their support, I am not sure whether I would have ever been able to accomplish this project. So this book is theirs as much as it is mine. Ma, pa, I do not have enough words or writing skill to thank you, to express my gratitude towards you.

Through all these years, my younger brother Vikas has remained my best friend. He has always recognised the value of my project and stood behind the cause. He has encouraged, helped, cheered, and criticised me whenever I needed. Whenever he provided any assistance to me (and that happened countless times), he amusingly demanded in return a percentage of my potential income from the book. I am indebted to you more than one hundred per cent bro.

I am thankful to Kalraj Mishra, Madhurji Maharaj, Bhupendra Chaubey, Sadakant Shukla, Dinesh Chandra Dubey, Maheshwar Mishra, Yagyeshwar Mishra, Prem Pathak, Rekha Pathak, Amit Shukla, Ragini Shukla, Umesh Mishra, Rekha Misra, Vijayanand Pandey, Rita Pandey, Chudamani Tripathi, Ganesh Datt Shukla, Paras Nath Shukla, Sudhir Kumar Shukla, Usha Shukla, Sunil Kumar Shukla, Anjana Shukla, Rajesh Mishra, Vijay Kumar Shukla, Anupama Shukla, Shitala Prasad Pandey, Ghanshyam Shukla, Anil Shukla, Indu Prakash Pathak, Neelam Pathak, Ravindra Kumar Shukla, Shailesh Kumar Mishra, and Ajit Kumar Srivastava for their respective help.

Finally, I express my gratitude towards Rajiv Mishra, Yasha Mishra, Mr & Mrs Jagat Pal Pathak, Pradeep Kumar Tripathi, Pushpa Tripathi, Noor Fatma, Sameer Kumar Shukla, Rashmi Shukla, Thakur Singh Mapwal, Tilak Singh Martolia, Manu Chopra, Rudresh Singh, Ashutosh Srivastava, Marjan Kheirollahi, Katihana Kirk, Faiz Ahmed, and N Ramachandra Rao for their love, care, encouragement, and support for me.


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