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God and Destiny

The Supreme Knowledge

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The concept of God affects every human being in some way or the other, to some extent or other. People believe in him and have faith in him; fear, adore, pray, and worship him; think, speak, and write about him; and undertake holy and horrible missions in his name. Yet they do not know who or what he actually is. Billions of people want to and need to know God. To fulfil this need is the primary aim of this book.

God and Destiny is the first book that tells correctly and exactly what God is and reveals his true attributes and influence. In the process it also shows that whatever has to happen in the universe in the future, including whatever has to happen in anyone’s life in the future, is predestined by him and is unchangeable. After the revelation of God, it takes people through an analysis of some nuclear beliefs of major theistic religions of the world to let them see the truth in as well as behind these beliefs.

General public is the primary audience of the book. It is meant for all irrespective of their educational level, religion and nationality. The topics covered in the book belong broadly to the fields of philosophy, religion, and physics and specifically to metaphysics, determinism, philosophy of religion, philosophical theology, philosophy of physics, and quantum mechanics. People related to the above fields form the secondary audiences of the book.

God and Destiny takes people to God through steps; it is based on sound, unbiased, undistorted facts, logic, and reason; and it is intended to be simple, fluent, clear, sharp, and conclusive. The style adopted is me-to-you, the reader being addressed in second person.

Part A of the appendices contains scientific proof, discussions, and findings related to the predestinedness and prediction of the future. And Part B of the appendices contains a brief detail of how I realised the absolute predestinedness of the future and how I found God.

The knowledge of God and destiny is the supreme knowledge not only because God is the supreme being but also because it is the knowledge of the state of everyone’s being. It not only sets people free from the blind faith about God and destiny, but showing them that whatever happens in the universe is predestined by God and is unchangeable, it sets a foundation in them for freedom from anxiety, worry, tension, fear, and so on and illumines their way to unwavering, everlasting lively peace. Thus, it is the apex of all knowledge—the supreme knowledge.

Vivake Pathak


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