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God and Destiny

The Supreme Knowledge

  by Vivake Pathak small-size photo of Vivake Pathak

for people living outside India

If you live outside India, you can purchase the copies of hardcover edition of God and Destiny from any of the online sellers that have listed it, have it in stock, and can ship it to your country of residence:  

selected sellers

Numerous sellers have listed God and Destiny for sale through their online shops, but not all of them ship it to people living outside India. The following sellers make the hardcover edition of God and Destiny available for residents of countries other than India:

Abe Books UK

Amazon Japan


Star Publishers' Distributors

Abe Books US



Star Books





Amazon US




Amazon France


Pilgrims Book House


Amazon Italy


Print Asia


all online sellers

The information above was last updated on May 13, 2012. Since then the book may have become out of stock with some of the above sellers. To get a complete, current list of the online shops selling the book and to compare their offers for it, you can search the web using keywords such as these: 1. 9788129113870, 2. 8129113870 "Vivake Pathak", 3. "God & Destiny" "Vivake Pathak" and 4. "God and Destiny" "Vivake Pathak". The above links give the search results using Google; they include the listings of the book by online sellers; and many listings are common among them.


If you cannot find any reasonable source for the purchase of the hardcover edition of God and Destiny or if you have any other purchase enquiry, send an email to the following e-mail address:

You will receive a response ASAP. Also, if you have any unresolved problem with any of the sellers mentioned above, please inform us.


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