small-size front cover of God and Destiny

God and Destiny

The Supreme Knowledge

  by Vivake Pathak small-size photo of Vivake Pathak

main (ten questions)

  • What is God?

  • What are the true attributes of God?

  • What is the role of God in reference to destiny and in reference to the universe, including humans?

  • How correct or incorrect are the themes of what eight major theistic religions of the world, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, Taoism, and Zoroastrianism, say about God, especially in their key religious books?

  • Can any person, including Buddh1, Confucius, Guru Nanak, Jesus, Krishn2, Muhammad, Moses, and Ram, be a messenger, representative, relative, incarnation, or embodiment of God?

  • Is your freedom in terms of decision making real or are your decisions predestined and unchangeable?

  • Can you change your future from its predestined course with help of your planning, hard work, and perseverance?

  • How is all that happens in the universe, including abstract phenomena related to living beings, such as plans, feelings, and dreams, predestined and unchangeable?

  • Can we predict the future of the universe, including that of any person, completely and exactly?

  • How is the principle of indeterminacy being misinterpreted and misused since its finding?


  1. The most correct way to write and pronounce the name of Lord Buddha is ‘Buddh’ where ‘u’ sounds the same way as it does in ‘pull’ or ‘bull’.

  2. The most correct way to write and pronounce the name of Lord Krishna is ‘Krishn’.


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