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God and Destiny

The Supreme Knowledge

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I want to introduce Vivake Pathak who has an amazing book entitled God and Destiny: The Supreme Knowledge. Pathak states in his book the theorem of destiny as “Whatever has to happen in the universe in the future, whether it is related to living things or nonliving things, including abstract phenomena, such as thoughts, ideas, plans, and feelings is predestined and unchangeable.” With that in mind, Pathak goes on to explain how he reached his conclusion that whatever happens to or is done by a person is caused by the whole universe in the direction of God and is predestined. I found this book to be an absolutely fascinating and original discussion of how we can understand God. No matter what your religious beliefs or lack thereof, this is a book you will find enlightening because of its extensive research background, exploration of philosophical and scientific thought, and insightful definition of what God is. Vivake Pathak is no doubt a brilliant thinker!


Hedda Hazelnut
Photographer, educator, reviewer

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A couple of days back, I happened to run into your book God & Destiny and have almost finished reading it. It was such an utterly engrossing read because the content of the book resonated so very well with my own beliefs, which were helped shaped by my mentor and guru, the late Ramesh Baleskar.

The teachings of Ramesh are very much in sync with your realization that everything is predestined. Your book so beautifully corroborated and entrenched my belief in determinism that I have to thank your from the bottom of my heart for such a fantastic book.

I convey my deep gratitude to you for your book God & Destiny, which I consider a treasure and which is one-in-a-million that one can find in the mountain of so-called spiritual books.


Hormasd Sumariwalla

Avid reader

Email: hormasds at yahoo dot com



I just finished reading a book called God and Destiny by a rather brilliant young guy called Vivake Pathak. Basically, his point is that everything that has happened, is happening, and will happen is predestined down to the smallest degreewe have no power to change a thing. He's provided a detailed logical as well as mathematical proof for his contention. While I'm definitely not the smartest chap around, I can't see obvious flaws in his reasoning.


Manoj Vijayan

Designer, illustrator, cartoonist





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