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God and Destiny

The Supreme Knowledge

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The nectar of knowledge can be achieved only through contemplation. Vivake has tried appreciably to budge the human conscience. I congratulate him for the writing he has done with tireless labor. He has succeeded in elaborating the subject with up-to-date scientific writing and unique logical style. The book is not only worth reading but also worth collecting.


Sudhanshuji Maharaj

Founder, Vishwa Jagriti Mission [World Awareness Mission]



Unlike other books that claim to reveal God, God and Destiny shows God, not the way to God; it does not speculate but prove what God is; and it gives not many but one, not imaginary but real, definition of God. That is why it does not stop just by revealing God—it also reveals the attributes of God and the truth of the important beliefs of main theistic religions.


This book will also be a delight for people who are not sure about the meaning of destiny and for those who believe in destiny but don’t have enough logic for their belief. In the process of revealing God, it has given unique and strong proofs of determinism. It has explained clearly what destiny means; and using simple daily-life examples, it has lucidly and thoroughly showed that decision making is a deterministic process and that whatever happens in the universe, including in our lives, is predestined and inevitable.


The freshness of God and Destiny is amazing. Most of the principles, explanations, and proofs presented in it are original and new. It has given several new topics of interest, use, and research for people from the fields of metaphysics, determinism, philosophical theology, philosophy of religion, and philosophy of physics. It deserves serious reading and discussion not only from general audiences but also from people related to the above fields—everyone will find it interesting and informative.


Sabhajit Mishra
Active member of the Indian Council of Philosophical Research and the Author of The Anguished Freedom



Vivake Pathak’s book is an interesting read and illuminates a personal journey in search of God. I am sure many would find it enriching.


Sagarika Ghose
Senior Editor, CNN-IBN; author



Stephen Hawking once said that he believes in a God that is embodiment of the laws of the universe. Now God and Destiny has precisely and comprehensively revealed the God in which Hawking and many other scientists and philosophers have believed. Being a religious person, I find it difficult to accept what this book shows as God, but being a physicist, I find no other option.


Since its discovery in 1927 by Heisenberg, the uncertainty principle has been a topic of great debate—its interpretation and implication have been controversial. Most physicists have considered it as the strongest pillar of indeterminism. In the appendix of God and Destiny, Vivake has revived the exact definition of the uncertainty principle and revealed how it has been misinterpreted and misused through all these years. He has made it clear that “uncertainty principle” is a misnomer and the principle is no threat to determinism. Never before I was more convinced that the universe is completely deterministic.


Delivering the knowledge of God and destiny, this is one of the most enlightening books ever written. It will make a lethal blow on blind faiths about God and destiny and will change the way people think about them.


R. A. Singh
Former professor of physics, vice chancellor of Awadh University, and chairman of UP Higher Education Service Commission



Whatever happens in the universe, including in our lives, is not only governed but preordained by God and is inevitable—this is the pinnacle of knowledge. This is the knowledge that has been sung by accomplished sages and saints through millenniums and mentioned by them in our holy books; this is the knowledge that gives birth to complete devotion in God, frees people from shackles of ego or vainglory, and leads them to peace and salvation; and this is the knowledge that God and Destiny has delivered finally. But there is a difference: Previously only few people could receive the supreme knowledge due to meditation, penance, grace, or vision. Now, through logical and scientific arguments, God and Destiny has made it available to everyone.


Some important questions of ethics are attached unavoidably with the topic of destiny. One may ask, why should I be held responsible for or punished for my evil deeds if they are predetermined? and why should I take the pain of working if I shall certainly get all that is predestined for me? In God and Destiny, Vivake has skillfully answered these questions and removed the apprehensions related to morality or ethics. He has done so by delivering knowledge, not by preaching. As absolute truth, he has showed that whatever happens is predestined, and it is God, the master of destiny, who is responsible for all good and evil, virtue and sin, labor and fruits. But he has also cautioned people: “Good achievements are in the destiny of those who also have hard work in it . . . those whom God blesses with virtuous deeds are also blessed with glory; and those whom he curses with sinful deeds are also cursed with fear and disdain.” The message is clear, beautiful, and effective.


Hariharkripalu Tripathi

Brahmarshi (a title for a saint of the highest category); Mahamahopadhyay (a title for the teacher of the teachers); Trustee, Kashi Vishwanath Temple Trust, Varanasi; founder and chairman of Maa Para-Amba-Ashtadashbhuja Temple, Shiv Shaktidham, Varanasi; Principal, Kulhans Sanskrit Degree College, Azamgarh




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