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God and Destiny

The Supreme Knowledge

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the God quiz: test your knowledge about God

You must have heard, read, imagined, and thought a lot about God throughout your life. It is time for you to find out how much you really know about God. If you have already read God and Destiny, you have an opportunity here to assess how well you imbibed the knowledge of God delivered by the book. You can test your knowledge about God by taking the 10-or-20–question quiz below.

Please note that the 20-question quiz includes all the questions of the 10-question quiz, so if you do the former, you do not need to do the latter. Doing any of these quizzes will give you a fair and independent assessment of your basic knowledge about God, but obviously providing ten additional questions, the 20-question quiz tests your knowledge more thoroughly and is also more interesting, so if you have time and patience, you should attempt the 20-question God quiz.

the God quiz (10 questions)

the God quiz (20 questions)


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