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the God quiz (10 questions)

How much do you know about God? Well, you can find that out here. The questions of this quiz are about God and the main attributes of God; they are designed to test your elementary knowledge about God. Answer the questions, and find out precisely how much you know about God basically. This quiz has 10 quesions. If you would like the test of your knowledge to be a bit more deep and thorough, you may take the 20-question God quiz, which includes all the questions in this quiz, though it will obviously take about twice as much time to complete.

Before you begin answering the questions, please let us know your name and where you live:




Each of the 10 questions of this quiz carries equal, 10, marks:  

    1. What is God?












      your deity: Jesus, Krishn, Pangu, etc.

      more than one of the above



      none of the above

      I have no idea

    2. God is not





      I do not know

    3. God controls

      the whole universe and all that happens in it

      only living beings

      all living beings except humans

      only nonliving things

      the whole universe except humans

      the whole universe as well as mathematical facts and figures

      only beauty

      only peace

      only love

      only knowledge


      I have no Idea

    4. How are destiny and God related

      God is destiny

      God writes destiny

      God decides destiny

      God governs destiny

      Destiny controls God

      Destiny counsels God

      God and destiny have nothing to do with each other

      I do not know

    5. When it comes to the things related to human beings such as personality, thoughts, dreams, inspirations, decisions, plans, actions, results of our deeds, God governs

      nothing about us, as governance is not an attribute of God

      only our mental activity, such as our thoughts, dreams, plans and decisions

      our mental activity and our deeds and actions

      only our deeds and actions

      only our deeds and actions and their results

      only the results of our actions

      only our personality

      more than one of the above but not everything related to us

      everything related to us

      I am clueless

    6. Regarding God and prayer, which of the following is true:

      God listens to our prayers, makes a careful and wise decision about whether to fulfill or ignore them, and then acts according to the decision

      God listens to our prayers and tries to fulfill all of them

      God fulfils only those prayers that are done sincerely with clear heart and complete faith in him

      It is absurd to think that God listens to our prayers, they have any effect on God, or they bring about any change in God’s attitude towards the prayer or any change in God’s conduct

      God makes us pray to him, he listens to all our prayers, but they are meaningless for him—he doesn’t care

      God is too busy to pay attention to prayers—they fall on deaf ears

      I have no idea

    7. How does your being good or being evil affect God and his attitude towards you?

      Your good deeds make God happy and he rewards you for them; your evil deeds make him angry and he punishes you for them

      Your good and evil deeds don’t affect God mentally or emotionally, but he definitely rewards you for your good works and punishes you for your bad deeds

      God rewards you for your good deeds but he forgives your bad deeds because it is actually Satan that is responsible for them

      It is basically God who makes you do good and evil deeds, and it is he who decided whether and what rewards or punishments you get for your deeds

      I am clueless

    8. A human being can be

      a messenger, relative, representative, incarnation, or embodiment of God

      a messenger, relative, or representative but not incarnation or embodiment of God

      a messenger or representative but not relative, incarnation, or embodiment of God

      a messenger, representative, incarnation, or embodiment but not a relative of God

      an incarnation or embodiment but not a messenger, relative or representative of God

      an incarnation, embodiment or a relative but not a messenger or representative of God

      neither a messenger or representative nor relative, incarnation, or embodiment of God

      I do not know

    9. Before the revelation of God through the book God and Destiny by Vivake Pathak, who of the following had the clearest idea of what God is:



      Guru Nanak







      Albert Einstein

      Bill Clinton

      Bill Gates

      George Bush

      Mahatma Gandhi

      Osama Bin Laden

      Richard Dawkins

      Salman Rushdie

      Stephen Hawking

      Steven Weinberg

      I do not know

    10. Noticing the pronouns used for God in this quiz, it seems God has masculine Gender. Anyway, what is actually the gender of God?




      I have no Idea


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